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Explosion FX Deformer (subsub Headline)
Explosion FX is a little more of a wildcard. Everything we’ve looked at so far has pretty similar attributes. You can crank the strength up and down. But Explosion FX creates a bunch of clusters from the polygons of the object it’s deforming. So here we see tons of tiny clusters made from parts of this cube.


The geometry matters here. If we have less or more geometry, we can go into the cube here and change the subdivisions… then we’ll have more or less clusters. If you’re anything like me, you want to animate this. So we will definitely come back to this later.


Formula Deformer

Alright, formula! Most folks aren’t using this deformer out of the gate. But I really wanted to lay everything out here for you.


The Formula object, as the name implies, uses a mathematical formula to deform an object. The default formula here creates these circular waves. And if we hit play in our timeline, you can see it’s actually already animated. That is because this formula contains the time parameter, which is represented by t. Any time you have t in your formula, Cinema 4D can handle that animation automatically.


Wind Deformer

Our last deformer here is wind! This is one of my favorites… I feel like not a lot of people use it, but you can get so much mileage out of playing with it and customizing it.


What does the wind deformer do? It simulates wind and generates these waves on an object. And if we hit play, this is also procedurally animated. By default, the wind “blows” on the X axis of the deformer.


There’s lots of attributes to play with here so goof around with this as much as you want. But here’s kind of the rundown on what each of these attributes are controlling.

  • Amplitude → Taller Waves
  • Size → Wider Waves
  • Frequency → Animation Speed
  • Turbulence → Randomness
  • fx → More Horizontal Animation
  • fy → More Vertical Animation
  • Flag → Uniformity & Wave Origin

Alright! So that is the deal with deformers! Next up, we’re going to talk about booles, which will kind of complete our trifecta of skill s for making basic shapes.