Learn how to
bake from the best

Vollpension Backademie

Learn how to
bake from the best

Fighting the pandemic with BakAdemy

Our grandmas and grandpas are not only the sweetest and most interesting people you can imagine, they primarily have one thing above all: incredible amounts of life and baking experience. They no longer want to keep this knowledge all to themselves (life is tough enough at the moment anyway), and this is why we founded our Vollpension BakAdemy for you.


Here you learn everything you need to know as a future BakAdemic. In our ABCs of baking, you learn the basics and grandma hacks you need for starting out. In our OMAsterclasses (OMA being the German word for granny) – elaborately produced, several hours-long video courses – you learn many recipes directly from grandma and grandpa. And if this is not enough for you, you can join our grandmas and grandpas in their online live-baking courses with a maximum of five other participants, and you can of course ask them anything you want to know. If you go to “Recipes”, you will find a comprehensive recipe database with our seniors’ favourite recipes.


Happy baking!

Video baking courses

Learn in high-quality, multi-hour online video courses straight from the source what you need to know to bake the ideal cake. In every OMAsterclass, you learn more than ten recipes, loads of baking hacks and stories from our seniors’ lives.

OMA-Live baking courses

In our live baking courses on different recipes, our Vollpension seniors are your baking coaches in small groups, and you can ask any question you like regarding baking and the respective recipe.

Baking ABCs

In our free-of-charge baking ABCs videos, you learn more about baking tips and basic baking principles, so you have no more excuses for why the batter bowl isn’t always ready for some sweet tooth in your house.
Together, not alone!
He who rests, rusts. Sharing knowledge keeps you young.
Your cash keeps granny looking flash!
Digital extra income. Our BakAdemics share their knowledge with you, and you help them to earn some extra money. Makes us all happy!
Old and young: together
If you care, join and share. In times of physical distancing, the internet can help with bringing us closer together. So help us out?
Learn from the best
Where do you get the yummiest cakes in the world? At granny’s, for sure! And soon in your home.


Our recipe database is full of the best recipes right out of our grandmas’ recipe books. Get inspired!

Extra income for seniors

For our BakAdemics, our grandmas and grandpas, working at Vollpension and teaching baking at our BakAdemy offer the possibility to earn some extra money in addition to their often too-low pensions, even during the coronavirus crisis.