Learn how to bake
from a granny

Step-by-step, you learn baking from a granny
In-studio baking courses, on demand and in live video courses

Learn how to bake
from a granny

Step-by-step, you learn baking from a granny
In-studio baking courses, on demand and in live video courses

Known from:

Baking courses with a granny for Bundt cakes, Sacher torte and others in our baking studio

We opened the first granny baking school in the world in Vienna! Have a look yourself and create the perfect pastry together with our seniors.

Learn how to bake with our BakAdemy

The only baking courses with granny’s quality guarantee!

Step-by-step, you learn how to bake from a granny
For beginners and advanced bakers
Watch over granny’s shoulder in our studio baking course
Create your own granny recipe database
7-day money-back guarantee on our video courses
More than 1,500 satisfied customers

Welcome to the world’s first granny baking school!

Vollpension is a Viennese coffeeshop concept for seniors baking cakes to earn additional money to supplement their minimum pension and avoid old-age isolation. People from all over the world come to our place to enjoy cake made by granny. Our BakAdemy provides all wannabe bakers with step-by-step explanations of how to bake. Regardless of whether you purchase one of our on-demand courses, or if you want to watch over the shoulders of our grannies online or on-site in one of our numerous live baking courses, where all your baking questions are answered.

Video baking courses

Learn first-hand how to perfect your pastries from a granny in multi-hour high-quality online video courses. You learn how to bake more than 10 recipes per one Granny’s Masterclass – plus our seniors mix in plenty of useful tips and tricks on baking and life.

Online live baking courses

In our live baking courses on different recipes, our Vollpension seniors are available as your individual baking coaches for small groups, and you can ask anything you want to know about baking or the respective recipe.


In our recipe database, you’ll find the best recipes from granny’s recipe notebook. Get inspired!

Learn how to bake
and support your granny!

The Vollpension BakAdemy teaches you how to bake, but at the same time you contribute to our fight against old-age poverty and isolation!
Together is better than being alone!
A rolling stone gathers no moss. Teaching the young keeps you young.
Your baking cash keeps granny fresh
Additional digital income. Our BakAdemists share their knowledge with you, and you help them to earn money. A perfect win-win situation!
Old and young: Together
Login and win – new friends. In times of physical distancing, we’ll come closer together via the internet. Deal?
Learn from the best
Where does it taste best? At your granny’s, of course! And soon in your own home, too.

Additional income for seniors.

For our BakAdemists, our Vollpension grannies and grandpas, working at the BakAdemy is a possibility to make some additional income to supplement their generally too-low pension, even during the coronavirus pandemic.