Group baking instead of group cuddling

Invite friends and family. Book live courses with granny. Goodbye lockdown blues.

Group baking instead of group cuddling

Invite friends and family. Book live courses with granny. Goodbye lockdown blues.

All of us are on the lookout for possibilities to get a little bit more variety into our everyday life. You have many options when you book a baking course with our grannies: From the wonderful cakes and pies you’ll bake under the virtual guidance of our baking pros, to deciding how exclusive you want it to be, to the question of whether you want to book a baking course for yourself or enjoy a private course with friends or family, or mix it up by joining a course with other participants. One thing is for sure and at the heart of the entire thing: having fun, our grannies, and of course, baking. But take a look yourself:

You can of course book a private group baking course!

Does “Sharing is caring” always matter? Not necessarily, if you want to move a cosy evening with your flat-share mates into virtual spheres. This is very nice when your friends are the only course participants. This is why you have the option to book an online baking course for a private group of people: Just fill in the contact form below for a non-binding inquiry and our granny whisperer and live baking course expert David will get back to you immediately.

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Making of Live Backkurs mit Opa Johannes mit einem Bildschirm und Mitarbeiter im Vordergrund
Portrait von Oma Renate beim bestreichen von Keksen mit Ei und Weihnachtsdeko im Hintergrund
Opa Johannes beim Erklären im Live Backkurs im Backademie Studio
Opa Johannes steht im Backademie Studio beim Live Backkurs und redet mit Personen über einen Bildschirm
Feedback from our participants
Nicole P.
Vollpension baking courses are much more than just baking cakes. Funny and interesting life stories are the ideal zest of these courses and make them a very personal experience. A perfect afternoon!
Angelique H.
It definitely is great to get some new tips for baking even though you have had so many years of experience. The lemon slices tasted great – really worth the indulgence!
Anja G.
I think that the course was organised very nicely. I especially positively want to highlight the joy Mr Gerhard had while baking! He was very authentic and the result was excellent.

I still have so many questions...

... then we have all the answers for you here!

How long does a course take?

In principle, between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. If the participants love to chat, then it may run longer 🙂

Can I book an entire course?

Yes, sure!

Can I book an exclusive live baking course for my birthday at a date I prefer?

It’s so easy! Fill in the form and send your inquiry to us, but don’t forget to add the number of participants and the date you’d like.

Can I book a live baking course as a company for my colleagues and me?

No problem at all! Just get in contact with us.

Do I need to have basic knowledge of baking before I participate in a live baking course?

No, our seniors explain every individual step slowly and in detail. Most important is that you have fun and a passion for the sweet things 🙂